MC 016: What I heard vs What they meant

Summery: In this episode of the Marriage Code podcast, Phillip and Benji revisit the skill of Active Listening as they explore the answer to the question: How I get someone to understand what I’m trying to say?

“How can we assume that what we heard is what they meant, when so often it’s not?” – Benji Boekweg


Coco – Remember me –

Dude, Where’s My Car – Tatoo scene –


In this episode:

  • What we hear
  • How to guarantee you understand the other person
  • Getting the other person to understand you
  • The three answers
    • Yes, that’s it
    • Yes, and…
    • No, that’s not it
  • Intent then Skill (Franklin R Covey)
  • The power of silence
  • Active Listening
    • Listen
    • Re-phrase
    • Validate
    • Pause

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