MC 020: Chinks in our Marital Armor

Summery:In this episode of the Marriage Code podcast, Phillip and Benji revisit the tally system in relation to finances and how to shield your marriage from the number one cause of divorce.


Dumb and Dumber (1994) –

The Office: I declare BANKRUPTCY! –

In this episode:

  • Financial Tallies
  • Ownership vs. Assignment
  • Chinks in Armor
  • The language we use
    • Yours vs. Mine
  • Relationship Inventory
    • Preparation
    • We, Our, Us
    • Non-accusing language;  as “noticed”, not “you did …”
    • Take your responsibility
    • Offer multiple solutions – be open ended
      • Let them decide
      • Prepare for rejection or counter-offer

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