MC 029: Marriage Calibration

Summery: In this episode of the Marriage Code podcast, Phillip and Benji discuss the importance of “calibration” in a marriage, as well as emotional connection in the phases of marriage.


Metronome Synchronization –

In this episode:

  • Calibration Techniques:
    • Sway – sway back and forth for a few minutes while listening to a song with words that are meaningful. Kiss at the end.
      • Best effect when looking into each others eyes and no talking.
    • Hand Massage
      • 3 minutes per hand
      • only do what what your spouse asks you to do – give suggestions if needed
      • At the end of each hand, wipe your hand down theirs (from wrist to finger tips) three times for the palm side and 3 times for the back side
      • At the end of both hands place their hands together (palms and fingertips touching) and wrap your hands around hers for a moment or two.
      • Best results, send positive, loving thoughts toward your spouse while performing the massage.
    • King and Queen Whisper
      • Write/recite a speech about yourself as the King/Queen “I am…”, about your relationship “My relationship is…”, and about your kingdom “My kingdom is…”
      • Include adjectives (Kind, loving, honorable, peaceful, royal, regal, devoted, haven from the world, trustworthy, powerful, leader, loyal, majestic, noble, intimacy, brave, dragon free, etc…
      • Have your spouse whisper your story into your ear (the voice of the one you love the most whispering your story to you is very powerful)

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