MC 031: What’s in your Playbook?

Summery: In this episode of the Marriage Code podcast, from touchdowns to clean kitchens and beyond, Phillip and Benji discuss the importance of your Marriage Playbook. What rules or guidelines have you and your spouse pre-agreed on for when the situation arises, you both will know how to respond?


Remember who you are – Disney’s The Lion King –

Marriage Code Podcast – episode # 10, How to get Spouse Certified –

In this episode:

  • Football plays
  • Marital Playbook
    • If this situation, then respond that way
  • Examples of plays
    • Tag team difficult child situations
    • Show unity in front of the child, disagree and compromise privily
    • Respecting the child’s appeal
    • Prearrange expectations on Valentine’s Day
  • Remember who she is

“Champions in any facet of life come at it with a plan; they’re not reactive, they’re proactive” – Phillip Enkey

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