MC 035: Insights Gained from Childbirths

MC 035: Insights Gained from Childbirths

Summary: In this episode of the Marriage Code podcast, Someone has an announcement! Also Phillip and Benji discuss the personal insights they have gained while going through the childbirth process with their wives, and how it relates to the human mind and the current paradigm.

“This was one of the most sacred moments in our marriage, one of the most special experiences that Dani and I have had; bringing a little child into this world.” — Phillip Enkey


Once Upon a Forest –

HypnoBirthing Utah County with Launi K. Anderson –

HypnoBirthing World Wide –

In this episode:

  • The Announcement!
  • Disclaimer
  • Childbirth
    • Personal experiences with their wives
    • Night and Day difference
    • What role the mind plays
  • Defending out biases
  • I’m wrong vs. My information was wrong
  • The Challenge!

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