MC 040 : How it all began

Summary: In this Episode, Phillip and Benji celebrate the 40th episode of the podcast by talking about how The Marriage Code began, and by talking about where it is going. Also an announcement where Phillip and Benji will be speaking on June 30th.


Hope Cast –

Zig Ziglar – Courtship after Marriage –

Marriage Code Podcast questions –

In this episode:

Celebration of Episode #40
The Announcement
How The Marriage Code all began
You don’t have to change your spouse
The role of the sub-conscious mind
Our point of view
The key components of The Marriage Code
Progress of The Marriage Code book
Changing the paradigm

  1. Believe you can change for the better
  2. Get more information
  3. Mirroring

Examples of Mirroring

“As we’ve done this, I’ve realized that anyone who has listened to this can do it too.” – Phillip Enkey

Benjamin Boekweg

Benjamin is an author, presenter, and co-host of the Marriage Code podcast.

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