MC 041 : Why have this Conversation?

Summery: Have you ever known what the other person was going to say and you just didn’t want to hear it, and cut off the conversation short? Or have you ever wanted to talk but the other person doesn’t want to wait for your answer and ends the conversation? Does this happen frequently? Frustrating right? In this Episode, Phillip and Benji dive into the danger of cutting off the conversation and what you can do to fix that – from either side of the experience.


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In this episode:

Cutting off the conversation
What can happen
Feeling misjudged
Being used to coming to a certain conclusion
Effectiveness vs Efficiency
How we make assumptions
What we assume is most often incorrect
Why we should not make assumptions
The power of “What else?”
We want to be heard more than we want to be understood
Changing the habit of abrupt endings
1- Stop assuming
2- Give them space
3- Listen and ask for more

“The biggest cause of a fight is the feeling of not being heard.” – Benjamin Boekweg

Benjamin Boekweg

Benjamin is an author, presenter, and co-host of the Marriage Code podcast.

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