MC 043 : Q&A – Relationship Inventory

Summary: It’s Q&A time at The Marraige Code. Phillip and Benji tackle some of the tough questions about Relationship Inventories.

“The problem is that so many of us have become good at having an average marriage.” – Phillip Enkey


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Fully Understanding the Tally System – The Marriage Code Episode 4 –

Relationship Inventory – The Marriage Code Episode 3 –

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In this episode:

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Brief recap of the Tally System
Question #2 – “What are the common mistakes you see people making with Relationship Inventory
1) Only addressing the negative
2) Unrealistic expectations of your first Inventory
3) Bad timing
4) “You” language and absolutes
Question #1 – “What advice do you have going into my first Relationship Inventory?”
Beginner’s Template
Start off with the Positive
Create the habit of open dialogue
Manage your expectations
Question #3 – “What if my spouse is not interested in a Relationship Inventory?”
The Lion and the Tuna mistake
Phillips’s Challenge – Return and Report

Benjamin Boekweg

Benjamin is an author, presenter, and co-host of the Marriage Code podcast.

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