MC 044 : Overcoming Hardship

Summary: One of the hosts of the Marriage Code has some life-changing news that boils up tons of emotions. Phillip and Benji tackle the issue head-on in this episode of The Marriage Code.

“Logic and emotion are like oil and water; they don’t mix… it’s like trying to push a rope – good luck with that.” – Phillip Enkey


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In this episode:

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Life changing news
The Marital effects of financial hardship
Change and transition
Feeling loss of control
Elevated Stress
The golden opportunity
Choose to take the positive opinion
“This too shall pass”
Give them their space – don’t take it personally
The three keys to overcoming
1 – Emotions
2 – Develop and Action Plan
3 – Accepting Help
Logic vs Emotion
Example of an Action Plan
Trying to deny the grieving
Action shifts Attitude
Make a decision that this opposition is and opportunity

“The only way to stay stuck is to stop moving.” – Benjamin Boekweg