How to Actively Listen


Do you feel powerless to clear up misunderstandings? Do you ever feel like no one listens to you or understands you? Have you ever wanted to talk without any arguments? Then this is the training for you.

Using small and simple changes in how you speak, will have long lasting positive effects in every relationship in your life. Everyone can become a great communicator, you just need to learn what to do differently.


In this audio training, you will be shown the dangers of miscommunication and the cause of strife in a relationship. Benjamin takes you for an in-depth look at the natural progression of how a misunderstanding escalates into an argument and then into a fight. He explains the warning signs and shares personal experiences of how he implements the skill of Active Listening in his own life and marriage.

Now you can be empowered to clear up misunderstandings, ensure that you are heard and understood, and crush arguments before they get the better of you! I have personally seen how this simple skill has improved my relationship with my wife and my children – as well as how well I communicate round the office and with my friends and neighbors.

It’s your turn! Become the best communicator by becoming a skilled listener, and teach your friends and family how to do it!

1 – The cause of Fights
2 – The Key Ingredient
3 – The Evidence
4 – The Steps
5 – Two Examples
6 – Afterward