Programming Your Inner Computer


Change any habit, conquer any fear, achieve your dreams and shape the lives of the people around you.  Learn how the subconscious mind is a computer that automates the functions in our body and also our behaviors, and most of all, how you can change the programming of your own inner-computer to work for you instead of against you.


Have you ever asked yourself why you never remember peoples names, why you can’t ever get out of your dead-end job, why you always attract the wrong kind of people, or why things never seem you go your way?  The short answer is: self-sabotage.  The long answer is that within your mind you have a subconscious, a bio-computer that regulates the functions in your body as well as the habits and behaviors we have.

All of our fears and concepts of what is “realistic” are all determined by the programming of our inner-computer that we received while growing up.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that you can upgrade or even completely change the programming of your inner-computer!  This audio training is designed to immerse you in the practice of changing your inner-programming with some simple day-to-day techniques.  Learn today what the athletes and entrepreneurs have known for decades.

Tracks include:

1 – Introduction

2 – Our Inner-Computer

3 – What can it do?

4 – How to

5 – In Practice

6 – Challenge